VyprVPN Website Review & Ratings + VyprVPN Coupons
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VyprVPN Website Review & Ratings + VyprVPN Coupons

VyprVPN: Products & Services

Golden Frog capitalizes on the fact that Information Technology is here to stay and has contributed a great deal to revolution. Their vision is to share the full impact the internet can have on users by offering services relevant to them. By tailoring services and software to meet clients’ needs, they aim at providing performance, reliability and security. This can only make customers achieve a fulfilling online which is essentially the purpose of their creation. VyprVPN is part of Golden Frog and specializes in providing internet services to users. Their statement says it all: “Browse the internet, don’t let the internet browse you”.

VyprVPN: Company Background

VyprVPN was founded in 2010 and has servers in 6 countries namely the US, Germany, France, UK, Hong Kong and Netherlands (as per January, 2013). Its creators are the same ones who came up with Giganews. All their VPN server software is written by Golden Frog as opposed to outsourcing. The fact that Giganews is popular with most people and also Golden Frog is directly responsible for its operations made it pretty easy for it to perform in its niche.

VyprVPN: Customer Feedback & Reviews

On their homepage, tweets continue streaming and most users have nothing but praises for VyprVPN. One user remarked that he could now access Facebook on his iPhone in Vietnam. According to PC mag, surfing using VyprVPN is secure since they encrypt your traffic and also hides one’s IP address. On the other hand, it is comparatively expensive and also one has to manually install it. From most reviews it is clear that it is more attractive due to the fact that Golden Frog does not outsource its servers.

VyprVPN: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

If the rating from various sites is anything to go by, VyprVPN is a pretty credible company. They however have no BBB rating. The fact that they are open to criticism, challenges and suggestions is justification enough of their credibility and also how much they desire to be relied on by their clients.

VyprVPN: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

It has a Google page rank of 1 on a scale of 5 translating to unpopularity. Additionally, it has a Google Index of 221. The popularity it prides itself with is attributed to its association with Giganews and Golden Frog. It can be noted that its association with Golden Frog serves as a major promotional tool and could serve to make it more popular.

VyprVPN: Social Media Presence

They have a Facebook page which has about 434 likes. There are regular updates but interaction with customers is minimal. They also operate a blog where they update their customers on the latest developments. Their Twitter handle has 522 followers and regular updates are made. VyprVPN has managed to tweet 34 times and follows only 8 Twitter users. Their Google+ page is also another tool they use to communicate to their clients.

VyprVPN: Website Security & Safety

The site is considered to be safe without any form of malicious software being reported. Their website is hosted on two networks namely, Google Internet Backbone and Giganews. From its diagnostic page, one can clearly note that it is a safe site to use and even link to other websites. When taking payment information, they assure one of confidentiality and no third party will be in a position to access the same.

VyprVPN: Pricing & Packages

They offer two plans: vyprvpn pro and vyprvpn. Vyprvpn requires one to pay $14.99 (on normal basis when there is no discount) while the pro option costs $19.99 (its regular price). With the vyprvpn, one will have access to PPTP, 128-bit encryption, VyprVPN desktop and 5GB online storage. The more “advanced” plan comes with additional features including: OpenVPN SSL and 256-bit encryption.

VyprVPN: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping is not applicable.

VyprVPN: Payment Methods Accepted

They accept a limited number of payment methods explicitly, VISA, Discover and Master Card. VyprVPN does not accept alternative methods such as Debit Card, PayPal and Qbill. Under specific situations however, one can arrange for the method they prefer. This is nevertheless not advocated for Even though they are a very safe and secure website.

VyprVPN: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

VyprVPN offer a guarantee of a refund in 7 days in the case that one is not satisfied with the product. This eliminates the need for a trial account. They seem to stand by their word as no complaints have been recorded of clients who did not receive a refund of  what they spent.

VyprVPN: Product images & screenshots
VyprVPN Coupons
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